Humidifier For Asthma Reddit

Humidifier For Asthma Reddit

I live in a new place with gas heat and the dryness is really effecting my skin and other breathing symptoms. I want to get a humidifier to…

Since birth I have asthma. not really a problem with it, but… … it gets bad. A good humidifier can help, but an air purifier will be more beneficial

Can anyone tell me what I need to help with asthma and allergies through … You probably don’t want a humidifier unless you live in a really dry

I have asthma pretty badly, but have stubbornly continued to run regularly for almost a year now. My time, distance, and speed have all improved, but progress is

Hey there! I have very mild exercise induced asthma that only gives me problems if I am running (which I tend to avoid anyway). I recently

I currently have #1 and previously had #5 and I can say #5 is not very good. It’s hard to move the water filled container sice it doesn’t have a

I’m a 16 year old guy and in the past 3-4 months l my asthma has started … A humidifier may help if it’s dry, an air purifier is almost never a bad

My wife and I both suffer, and the winter is just the worst with the lack of sun and the dry air. We have a humidifier for the living room, but we are looking for one

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